Welcome to our journey to the Sum+It

Let us begin by saying that some of the best journeys are those without a predetermined destination. Here at Sum+It Riders we are not sure where our line might take us, but we keep looking forward and are committed. We live to create our own paths and are relentless in our efforts to do so. 


Every Sum+It Rider is responsible for the track that they leave. In an effort to leave a positive impact on and off the mountain, a portion of all proceeds generated by Sum+It Riders is contributed to protecting and preserving our playgrounds. Our first initiative is partnering with the Idaho State Snowmobile Association. When you purchase any Sum+It Rider product you are now a part of this mission.


Our Story

"I ready!" is what my parents would hear every time the sled shut off after a ride around the lodge to put me to sleep. Even at three years old the spark inside of me, and the spark in many of you, was lit to enjoy the mountains and what they have to offer. From those moments of youth into adulthood our family grew and was influenced by riding together in the back country. Until the recent years we have experienced wide open access to recreation, but we have watched some of the lands we have fished, hiked, and rode on for generations be shut down. Lands have been sold to private parties and gated, while others greatly restricted and increasingly threatened.  

Not only is our mission to throw a whip or pick a good line, but it is to drive awareness and education regarding preserving access to the places we all long for. The trails that lead us to these breathtaking sceneries are far more than just trails. They provide joyous memories for family and friends that will never be forgotten. We are here to act and provide a voice to all past, present, and future riders in this struggle to retain public lands for public use. 

Sum+It Riders is more than a business. We are a community with a duty to protect our back country. Where else can you find almost every single form of recreation just a short road trip away? An effort must be made to respect these recreational areas in order for us to pass them down to the generations to come. With experts in fields ranging from Professional Riders to Financial MBA’s, we have the tools to achieve this lofty goal. One of our favorite quotes here at Sum+It Riders is “Work hard, and play harder!”. We live and die by those words and truly believe this is what life is all about. 

With all of the excitement and adrenaline surrounding back country power sports and off-road past times, it is so easy to get lost in the moment. Being lost in the moment is precisely what we seek, when pursuing these endeavors. But without a keen awareness we are susceptible to sealing our own fate regarding these life-long past times that are so replenishing to us. With our poor habits acting as our silent killers, and ignorance doubling as blindfolds, we are heading down a path that can be detrimental to our passions. With riding areas getting more and more restrictive, our objective here at Sum+It Riders is to create awareness of these silent killers and educate riders on ways to keep back country dreams alive. Some have said that the ability to adapt is what drives intelligence, and Sum+It Riders is dedicated to taking matters into our own hands to control our future. We are the new age riders, here to stay!

The Road Ahead

Not only can we ride but Sum+It Riders is breaking into the industry by offering a growing portfolio of products with a portion of all proceeds being donated to the Idaho State Snowmobile Association (ISSA). The ISSA is an established association that has driven efforts in this bullpin for many years. As our product portfolio grows we are excited to grow this and future partnerships to ensure our success. http://www.idahosnow.org

 Our message is spreading and riders from all over are coming together to support this noble cause!

***Be sure to check back with us as we are working diligently on the site